“The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened.”


Friday, May 31, 2013

Understanding 'serving'

'What do you want to be when you grow up??'

Often times, either a teacher or a president.

Last night I met a very cute and chirpy 7 yo boy who wanted to be a chef..
And when I asked why, he gave me this 'because then I can serve other'

He rendered me speechless.. How can a 7 yo boy fathom the very concept of serving when even the adults are struggling with it??

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Academic intelligence vs Social Intelligence

Well, I have this one 'interesting' friend.
He is damn smart and nobody will dare to doubt it.

But then, few months ago we went on a trip with friends. One day, his sister called him and seemed like his sister had some problems with her husband. I was losing respect to him for a lot of things that happened before but it fell more rapidly when he pushed the phone towards me and whisper to me,"Listen to her talking..so nyap nyap nyap!!"
I was like, What the hell, dude!!! That's your sister sharing her private life with you how could you do something like that??
What surprised me the most was towards the end of the conversation he told her sister,"Yah..be patient. For the moment, you can just go back to mom's place.."
WHHAATTT??!! You are 32 years old for god sake and you tell your married sister to go back to your parents' place???? Guess you couldnt blame your brother in law for divorcing your sister if he chose to do so... So immature!!

The other day, my friends and I went to a friend's wedding and yeah he was there.
It was a typical Indo-Chinese wedding sitting on a round table.
The ambiance was fine, the drinks were fine, and so were the jokes until the restaurant started to serve the food.
The soup!!
Ever since I was a kid my mom always told me not to dip my own cutlery into whatever things we share with the rest of the table unless they are your close relatives, even then my mom still sometimes prohibited me to do so.. Not to let myself get used to it, my mom would say.
I was damn shocked when he dipped his soup spoon into the soy sauce in the middle of the round table right in front of everyone with no guilty feeling. WWHHHOOOZZZ!!!! how old is this guy again???????? T.H.I.R.T.Y.T.W.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! danggg!!

and yes, he often pees on the toilet seater!!!!! missing some levels of his toilet training back then, I guess...

and if I happen to tell him that I have this weird student he will tell me, "some weirdos exist, Vania. Some people just cant put themselves right in the society. They just cant socialize well"
Well, mate, good luck with yourself!!!

I suppose when I have my own kids Im not going to push them to be academic geniuses...
I want them to be socially intelligent since apparently academic intelligence itself is not enough..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Who are we to judge??

Well, after the death of Adjie Massaid, as usual, people start to talk about him and his family.
People start to question the cause of his death - a heart attack or being poisoned.
It's been hard enough for those who still live without people making his death a public issue.
Worse come to worst, some people blame his wife's (Angelina Sondakh) change of religion. She was a Christian but since getting married she changed to Moslem.
Some people even go to the extent to send broadcast blackberry message to spread those words.
Hey people, who are we to judge her change of religion?? Who are we to say that all this happened because she shifted from Christian to Moslem??
Have you ever thought that if you say all this happened as a punishment, it means our God is a God who punish His people?? If He is really like that then He might punish you for what you say. What comes around goes around, son!! Talk about this poor family, one day yours might be one.
This is a free country, if one wants to change one's religion, why do you have to care that much. Or maybe do we now have different gods for different religions?? Because I used to think we only have one God only with different names.

This is what my uneducated but unluckily one of my family members sent:
"Apapun di dunia ini bs kita beli,
Bahkan cinta dgn mudah bs di dapat,
Tp Tidak ada seorangpun yg dpt membeli kasih Tuhan !
Dan dpt menjadi seorang Sahabat yg rela memberikan nyawanya untuk mati di atas kayu salib bagi kita.
Qta harus membuka mata untuk melihat kenyataan ini, Angelina Sondakh, lahir dr keluarga Kristen, dibesarkan dgn landasan kekristenan yg kuat, tumbuh menjadi sosok yg pandai karena berkat Tuhan. Ia pernah bersaksi bahwa Tuhan itu luar biasa, bahkan sehari sebelum ia terpilih menjadi Putri Indonesia, ia sempat berpuasa. Intim dgn Tuhan adalah prioritas hidupnya saat itu. Tp setelah ia ada di puncak kesuksesannya, setelah Tuhan mengangkatnya, ia terpesona pada cinta yg dunia tawarkan, Adjie Masaid, adalah pilihan akhirnya, membuat dia membuang Tuhan..:( Saat ini dibalik tangisannya ada rasa penyesalan, bahwa.. 'Seseorang dpt meninggalkan Qta dgn keadaan seperti apapun itu, tp Tuhan yg Qta kenal adlh Tuhan yg selalu ada sekalipun Qta sdh tak lg setia pd-Nya..'
Untuk Adjie Masaid "Rest in Peace" O:)
Untuk Angelina Sondakh "Remember the Grace of Jesus in all the aspect in Ur Life".({}) *Kesedihan yg dia rasakan saat ini sama spt yg Yesus rasakan ketika dia meninggalkanNya.*O:)"

Such a shame my uncle married such a narrow-minded woman at the first place..

Monday, January 31, 2011

Life is Good......... Sometimes

There are times in life when you would just opt to die.
There are also times when you would feel like showing your biggest smile to the sun above.
Hard days, good days, are nothing without friends.
Life is like a blank piece of white paper.
To colour it with vivid colours is your call, to colour it in black is also your call, or you might as well just torn it apart.
The more friends one have, the more colour one can choose to use.
My life, is full of vivid and dull colours; and that much, I wont exchange for anything.
Im just grateful that I live my life.
It's beautiful.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I miss..

On Mondays I miss the time I skipped the Modelling in Finance 8am lectures.
On Tuesdays I miss the cheap movies and the usual magazine reading in Borders over a cup of white hot chocolate.
On Wednesdays I miss the cell groups.
On Thursdays I miss the thank-God-tomorrow-is-Friday feeling and the
have-a-nice-weekend from my lecturers.
On Fridays I miss the dinners with the Sedjahtera sisters and the late journeys home.
On Saturdays I miss going to St Augustine then dinners then sleepovers at the Sedjahteras'.
On Sundays I miss going to St Francis for the 1230 mass or 1730 mass.

On hot days I miss staying at home watching youtube searching for unique ads.
On cold days I miss wearing the thick jacket.

I indeed miss Melbourne..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My oh my...

While Indonesia's House of Representative is being built with IDR 4.6billion of fund - equipped with a gym and a swimming pool, a lot of the citizens find it hard to earn IDR 9thousand.
I read this newspaper article about a 65yo gramps who felt grateful that he was in prison since he,now, can eat three times a day without miss. He was busted selling the coupons; they are illegit here.
In the end, the utmost question is then, how can this country expect to reduce its crime rate while the criminals are better off in prison.

Friday, December 31, 2010


It's new year, folksss!!! :D
A new year has begun; A new chapter of our life has been started.
Let the gone begone.
We've finish our fight for last year gracefully.
We hurt each other during the process.
However, let's just wipe the tears and turn the pout into a big smile in starting this new race.
Let's forgive and forget!!
Take a blank piece of paper and a nice pen; write 'Chapter 2011' at the very top of it and off we go embracing the new life.
Welcome to 2011.
Have a nice year ahead, guys.. :D